Police Information Check FAQs

How much does a Police Information Check cost?

West Vancouver Police charge a fee for all Police Information Checks. The fees are set in an effort to offset some of the costs associated with offering this service.

See fee table here 

Fees are payable in Canadian funds, include GST and are payable by debit, or credit card at West Vancouver Police Headquarters, 755 16th Street, West Vancouver.

What is a Vulnerable Sector Search?

An applicant who is identified as working with a person or organization responsible for the well-being of children under 18 years or with vulnerable persons who, because of their age, a disability or other circumstances, whether temporary or permanent, are in a position of dependence on others or are otherwise at greater risk than the general population of being harmed by persons in a position of authority or trust relative to them as is authorized under the Criminal Records Act.

If you indicate that you are working with vulnerable individuals, you will be required to sign a consent that will allow a search for any sexual offences for which a pardon has been granted, and consent to disclose any pardoned sexual offences.

How long will it take to get the results of my Police Information Check?

Most Police Information Checks will be ready in 2 weeks.  Some require extra time if the applicant has lived outside of B.C. in the previous 5 years or if there are files that need review.  Applications that require the Vulnerable Sector check may also require extra time.

How do I get the results of my Police Information Check?

Results are mailed directly to the applicant.

Can somebody else pick up my Police Information Check for me?

Yes, but only if the applicant provides a signed letter authorizing another individual to pick up the results.

Can my Police Information Check be sent directly to my Employer/Organization?

No.  Results can only be released to the applicant.  The applicant can review the results and then forward to his/her Employer/Organization if he/she chooses to do so.

I’m a youth, do I need a parent to come with me to apply for a Police Information Check?


I’m currently out of the Country, can I apply for a Police Information Check without attending the West Vancouver Police office?

No. If you are living/working outside of Canada, you may want to seek the assistance of the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your vicinity. If you cannot access the Canadian Embassy or Consulate, you may seek assistance from Canadian Foreign Affairs by calling 1-800-267-8376 or by accessing their website. You may also obtain a Criminal Record Check from the RCMP through the submission of fingerprints. Click RCMP website for further details.

Why did I receive a phone call that I need to provide fingerprints before my Police Information Check can be completed?

Many applicants that require the Vulnerable Sector check will need to return to provide fingerprints before the application can be completed.  This is because there is another individual with a criminal record that has the same date of birth and/or same/similar name as yours.  Records can then only be confirmed by fingerprints.

Is there a cost for fingerprints on top of what I’ve already paid for my Police Information Check?

Yes, $25 (for Ottawa) unless it’s for a volunteer position and a signed letter from your organization was provided with the original application.

Can I apply on-line for a Police Information Check?

Possibly.  We do not recommend that you use the online system if you:
•    Have lived in Canada for less than one (1) year, and/or;
•    Are under the age of eighteen (18) years, and/or;
•    Have no established personal credit history - i.e. no credit cards, bank loans, mortgage, etc. - that is required in order to authenticate your ID using EIV

Please review all the information carefully to determine if an on-line Police Information Check is the right choice for you. Fees are non-refundable and can’t be exchanged for something else.  To be re-directed to our on-line solution click here.

Is the application form for a Police Information Check available on-line?

 Yes, the form is available on the website in the Police Information Check section and can be completed by the applicant and then brought in to West Vancouver Police in person.  (Print single side only)

Can I apply for a Police Information Check on behalf of someone else?

No, applicants must either attend in person to the West Vancouver Police office or use the on-line option. 

I am applying for a Record Suspension and need a local Police Information Check. Can I use the on-line option?

No, you must attend the West Vancouver Police office in person and bring your record suspension documents with you.  Please refer to the Record Suspension link on our website for more information.