West Vancouver Police offers two types of Police Information Checks, Police Information Check - Vulnerable Sector and Police Information Check - non-Vulnerable Sector. We offer Police Information Checks in compliance with policy guidelines established by the BC Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and the Office of Information and Privacy Commissioner.

Important Information to Note

West Vancouver Police Department plays a neutral role in determining suitability regarding employment and/or volunteer risk assessment. By providing the service of a Police Information Check, West Vancouver Police Department is in no way making a recommendation as to the suitability of the applicant for the position, nor should the employer consider the existence of police information to mean a compulsory disqualification of the individual.

It is important to note that information contained within a Police Information Check is based (in part) on information provided by the applicant. West Vancouver Police Department cannot guarantee it will identify all information pertaining to the individual.

Your Police Information Check results must be staying in Canada.

Please be certain that a Police Information Check is the service you require, as fees are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for a different service.