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Freedom of Information FAQs

I need to get a copy of a police report; how can I do this?

Attend West Vancouver Police in person with a piece of Government issued photo ID and fill in a Freedom of Information (F.O.I.) application (link above).

How long does it take to get a copy of a police report?

We have 30 business days to respond to your request, unless an extension for a further 30 days is required because the regular time limit is not sufficient to locate the records; or we must consult with third parties before access can be granted.

Is the application form for a Freedom of Information (FOI) request available on-line?

Yes, the form is available on the website in the FOIPPA Section (above).

Can I apply on-line for a police report (FOIPPA)?

No, the form must be brought in to West Vancouver Police in person.

I can’t attend West Vancouver Police in person to make a Freedom of Information application. Is there another way I can get a copy of my police report?

If you are mailing in your request, please include NOTARIZED PHOTO IDENTIFICATION from a Lawyer or Notary and include in your request.
Please send to:
West Vancouver Police Department
Records and Disclosure Section
755 16th Street
West Vancouver, BC
V7V 0B8