Missing Persons

Reporting a Missing Person

There is no waiting period to report someone missing in British Columbia.

Please call 9-1-1 if you have concerns about any missing persons immediate safety. Your concerns may be related to the following groups:

  • Children

  • Seniors

  • Anyone with mental or physical health challenges

  • Anyone you believe is suicidal

To otherwise make a missing persons report, please call our non-emergency reporting line at 604-925-7300.

What will police do?

When you make a missing persons report, West Vancouver Police will: 

  • Take your report and investigate it immediately.

  • Ask questions to ensure that we have all the information we need.

  • Conduct a thorough investigation and risk assessment that focuses on the safety of the person.

  • Consult with family or complainant before releasing any information or photographs to the media, unless doing so would jeopardize the missing person or the investigation.

  • Keep a file open until the missing person has been located and their identity is verified.

  • Not share information regarding the location of a found missing adult without their permission.

  • When a missing person is found, confirm their identity and well-being.

Each file may be investigated differently to balance a respect for privacy and police duty to investigate safety concerns.

How you can help

In order to help them locate a missing person, police officers may ask for the following information:

  • A Photo

  • Their physical description

  • A list of places they typically visited

  • Friends or acquaintances they have

  • Their mental or physical state

  • Their lifestyle

You must update the police as soon as possible if the missing person contacts you, returns home or you learn information that could assist police.

Provincial Policing Standards for Missing Persons Investigations

Provincial Policing Standards for Missing Persons Investigations in British Columbia have been in effect since September 2016. The standards and associated Guiding Principles establish the overall approach to missing person investigations for all BC police agencies. The standards recognize the need for officer discretion to address the unique needs of each case, with accountability for decisions through supervisory review.

In June 2015, the Missing Persons Act came into effect that improves police access to information that could help locate a missing person. The Act allows police to apply for court orders to access records or conduct searches, in cases where a criminal offence is not suspected. The Act also allows officers to directly demand access to records in emergency situations.


If you are the family member or friend of a missing person there is support available to you. For information on how to be connected to the appropriate community resource, please contact West Vancouver Police Victim Services at 604-925-7468.  





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· Valid Canadian Driver’s Licence
· Valid BC Identification Card (with photo)
· Valid BC Services Card
· Valid Passport – Canadian or Foreign
· Valid Canadian Permanent Residency Card
· Current Canadian Student ID Card (for youth applicants ages 12-17) *secondary Gov’t issued ID required
· Canadian Birth Certificate
· Valid Canadian Citizenship Card
· Valid Canadian Certificate of Native Status Card
· Valid Nexus Card
· Employee Identification Card issued by the Federal, Provincial or Territorial Government (with photo)
· Old Age Security Identification Card
· Valid Firearms Licence
· Municipal or RCMP Police Identification (with photo only)