WVP Fitness For Duty Policy Update - Cannabis Legalization In Canada




2018 October 10th

Cst Jeff Palmer

604 925 7429

New fitness-for-duty policy has been approved for West Vancouver Police employees in advance of the impending legalization of non-medicinal cannabis use in Canada.

The West Vancouver Police Board officially approved the new policy at its regular meeting September 27th.  

Click Here To View West Vancouver Police Fitness For Duty Policy

The policy maintains a prior requirement for all employees to be free of any impairment by alcohol or any drug when reporting for duty or on duty.  

West Vancouver Police employees deemed to work in ‘safety sensitive’ positions are also prohibited from using any cannabis within twenty-four (24) hours of being required to report for duty.  That includes all sworn officers and any support staff whose duty include access to safety sensitive work areas or include any operation of department vehicles.