Two men arrested and found in possession of break-in tools




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Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy



West Vancouver –  the actions of a sharp-eyed West Vancouver Police officer who observed two men acting suspiciously, ultimately led to their arrest and discovery of break-in tools.

On November 5, 2019, just after 11:00 PM, a WVPD Patrol officer observed two men leave a bus at Clyde Ave. and 15th St. The men were acting suspiciously, staying in the shadows and skulking around alleyways. The officer watched the men as they walked along Clyde Ave. where they were then seen trying to open the doors of parked cars.

Both men were confronted by the officer and ultimately taken into custody. A search revealed that one was in possession of a knife, contrary to a court order, and the other was in possession of window break tools.

“This is an example of the great proactive work our officers do every day,” says Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy. “In this particular case, the officer had a hunch that these individuals were up to no good, and he chose to keep an eye on them.”

Both men, who are known to police, were later released pending a first court appearance. Criminal charges are being recommended.

WVPD is reminding residents to take a few precautionary steps to help lessen their chances of falling victim to auto-related crime.

  • Lock and secure your vehicle
  • Never leave valuables and personal items inside an unoccupied vehicle
  • Make sure nothing is left in plain sight 

WVPD encourages anyone who observes suspicious activity, day or night, to contact police immediately.