Suspect arrested following social media threat to two West Vancouver Schools.




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Cst. Nicole Braithwaite



West Vancouver- A youth has been arrested and criminal charges are being recommended in connection with a social media post that threatened the safety of local schools.
On March 22, 2021, shortly after 9:00 a.m. police received information regarding a social media post that had been circulating overnight.  The social media post threatened an act of violence towards two West Vancouver schools.

Officers took immediate action and notified the West Vancouver Schools associate superintendent of the incident.

A thorough investigation was conducted and a suspect was quickly identified. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.  The youth was later released from custody with strict conditions of release. Criminal charges are being recommended. 

The officers conducted an in-depth risk assessment and concluded that the individual had no means to carry out these threats. 

“We take all threats to schools very seriously,” says Cst. Nicole Braithwaite. “Public safety and the safety of staff and students is vital to us.”

“The investigation is ongoing and we continue to work closely with the school district on this matter” Says Cst. Nicole Braithwaite “We are confident given the strict conditions of his release that there is no ongoing threat to the safety of West Vancouver School District students and staff.  We want to reassure parents and their children that it is safe for students to go to school after spring break.”