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North Vancouver man arrested by WVPD now facing 24 criminal charges




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Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy



A three month-long criminal investigation involving West Vancouver Police Department’s specialized Target Team, has led to the arrest of a man who is alleged to have committed fraud and property crime-related offences in excess of $130,000.00.

WVPD’s Target Team is a plain clothes unit, that specializes in the use of covert police tactics such as surveillance, in order to gather intelligence in support of criminal investigations.

In January 2019, WVPD officers launched an investigation after reports of large-scale mail-theft in West Vancouver. Through various investigative means, a suspect was quickly identified. This suspect is alleged to have committed multiple offences in West Vancouver through identity and credit card theft which was then used to fraudulently purchase goods.

On June 25, 2019, WVPD officers arrested a man in North Vancouver without incident in relation to this investigation.

“This is an example of the great work that our Target Team does to keep our community safe,” says Insp. Scott Findlay, WVPD.  “Their specialized training and intelligence gathering plays an integral role in the suppression of criminal activity in West Vancouver.”

Thousands of Canadians lose millions of dollars to fraudsters every year. The impact of fraud on families and businesses can be devastating.

41-year-old Ali Reza SERRI of North Vancouver, made a first court appearance on June 26, 2019 facing the following criminal charges:

  • Fraud c.c.c. s. 380(1)
  • False Pretenses or False Statement over $5000 c.c.c. s. 362(2) – 2 counts
  • Theft over $5000 c.c.c. s. 334
  • Possession of Property Obtained by Crime over $5000 c.c.c. s. 355 – 4 counts
  • Theft, Forgery, etc. of a Credit Card c.c.c. s. 342 (1)(C) – 12 counts
  • Use, trafficking or possession of a forged document c.c.c. s. 368(1)(a)
  • Theft from Mail c.c.c. s. 356(1)(a)
  • Possession of a Substance- Methamphetamine c.d.s.a. s. 4(1)
  • Fail to Comply with Condition of UTA or Recognizance c.c.c. s. 145(3)

Mr. Serri was remanded in custody pending a next court appearance on June 27, 2pm in North Vancouver.