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Halloween - All In For Safety - ePolicing For Parents




2018 October 30

Cst Jeff Palmer 

604 925 7429 Desk

West Vancouver Police are asking all members of the community to play their part for Halloween Safety.

We all have a role to play in Halloween Safety. West Vancouver Police ePolicing for Parents urges all parents to understand Safety Basics and Legal Issues For Fireworks Use In West Vancouver. 

halloween safety

Parents putting final touches on costumes and plans for Trick or Treating are encouraged to review our e-Policing For Parents  "Halloween Costume Safety" for suggestions on how to prepare for a safe and fun event.

And after preparing for the fun, West Vancouver Police encourage all members of our community share responsibility for ensuring a safe celebration, particularly any community members who expect to be driving Halloween Night.  

Crash data from ICBC reveals an average of 130 people are injured in 90 crashes across the province on Halloween Night. On average, there are 90 crashes resulting in 70 injuries each Halloween night on the Lower Mainland*.

West Vancouver Police join all our partners in road safety urging drivers to be extra cautious on our roads and for parents to make a plan to help keep their children safe this Halloween. Children will be excited, and road safety may not be top of mind for them.

Tips for parents:

  • Dress To See And Be Seen:  Include bright colours in costumes or use reflective tape that you can add to the outfit or children’s shoes or bags to help them stand out against the dark road.  Ensure any costume masks do not obstruct your children's vision or ability to hear an approaching vehicle or hazard
  • Safety In numbers: Walk in numbers to help drivers and others see you and your children. Have an appropriate number of adults to accompany the children.
  • Gone Haunting: If your kids will trick-or-treat without you, help them plan a safe route ahead of time. Consider a route that takes them through a quiet residential area away from busy main roads and parking lots. Remind them to cross streets at designated crossing points.

Tips for drivers:

  • Expect the Unexpected: Drivers need to slow down, especially in residential areas. Limit any distractions in your car. Focus your full attentionChildren are likely caught up in the excitement and may forget the rules of the road so slow down and be especially alert in residential areas. Limit any distractions in your car so you can focus your full attention on the road.
  • The ghouls may not notice you: Children may have very limited visibility while wearing masks and costumes so don’t assume they see you approaching. Always yield to pedestrians – by doing so, you help ensure they cross the road safely.
  • Beware of those dark alleys: Surprises often lurk in the darkest of places so enter and exit driveways and alleys slowly and carefully. Watch for little trick-or-treaters when backing up.
  • Don’t end on a true scare: If you’re hosting or attending a Halloween party, always make sure there are options for everyone to get home safely, such as designated drivers, transit or taxi numbers on hand.

For more road safety tips, visit