Catalytic converter thefts leave victims fuming

Date:            2021-August-19
Contact:      Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy
Telephone:  604.925.7348

West Vancouver – police are asking the public to call in any suspicious activity, after a significant increase in catalytic converter thefts.

Year-to-date, WVPD has received 18 reports of these thefts, compared to just 5 reports this time last year.

Thieves’ are not only targeting personal vehicles, but have also hit school buses and in one of the latest incidents, the West Vancouver Senior’s Centre Bus. 

“The cost to repair the damage can be thousands of dollars,” says Cst. Kevin Goodmurphy. “We are asking for the public to be vigilant, and to report any suspicious behavior.”

Those who steal these parts, do so because of the high monetary value of the precious metals they contain. 

“Typically, they are cut from the undercarriage of vehicles, using a power tool,” says Goodmurphy. “We know this makes a significant amount of noise, and we want people to report this.” “It’s likely not your neighbour doing renovations at 3am.”

Police have released an educational video, to demonstrate the process of cutting off this part. The video can be found here

They also offer these prevention tips:

•    If possible, park vehicles behind locked doors, such as inside a garage or locked compound
•    If this is not an option, do your best to park in a well-lit area

To report suspicious behavior, please call 604-925-7300. In an emergency, call 9-1-1.