Block Watch Alert - Break-In Prevention

West Vancouver Police are reminding all residents to review home and property security following analysis of recent offences. 

18 residential break-ins were reported across West Vancouver in January, up from 15 break-ins during January of 2018.Block Watch Logo

Since late December, five residential break-ins in the British Properties have involved use of a ladder. Entry has been made by smashing or breaking through 2nd floor windows. Once inside, offenders targeted master bedrooms for designer goods, cash & jewelry. West Vancouver Police urge all residents to take a hard look at whether they’re leaving an easy path for offenders.

Is your property adequately secured?
Regularly check that all doors and windows are locked and secured, especially if you are leaving them unattended even for relatively short periods of time. Walk around your home and look for ways you may be helping make life easier for thieves.
Have you left a ladder in the yard or is there a tree that could be climbed to gain entry to an upper level?  If you have a home alarm system and does it have active sensors that cover accessible entry points.

Property Crime is opportunistic. Thieves will look for easy targets to achieve the biggest gain, while allowing for a quick and undetected departure. Residents are urged to consider very basic ways to make their properties a harder target.
Is it time to update your home security measures?
Consider whether you need additional primary and secondary locks on doors or windows, alarm sensors, motion sensor lights or other security and deterrent measures.  Evaluating whether any upper floor windows or sliding doors can be targeted is an important part of any thorough security review.
If you have an alarm, Please Set It!

If you have a home alarm, make it a habit to always set the alarm, even if you only plan to be away for relatively short periods of time.  Significant losses have occurred in individual break-ins when victims left a home without setting a residential alarm for just one or two hours.
Winter Getaway?

If you plan to be away, especially for any extended period, take steps to ensure your home does not appear unoccupied. Ask a neighbour or family member to regularly check on your property, and to clear mail, or any other delivery items.
Special Valuables?

Is your home the best and safest place for any personal possessions of exceptional personal or financial value?  Residential safes are regularly targeted in home break-ins. You may wish to consider secure off-site storage, such as safe deposit facilities for any personal or jewelry items of high financial or particular sentimental value.
Home Surveillance - Help Police Identify Offenders

If you have a home surveillance system, consider registering with our Project Vigil.  Letting us know ahead of time where surveillance systems are can help us more effectively investigate if there is a crime or suspicious activity in your neighbourhood.
Additional Tips