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Is the West Vancouver Police Department (WVPD) hiring?

The recruitment process is always ongoing throughout the year for both recruit and exempt/experienced police officers who are currently serving with other police departments.

Do you hold any information sessions to explain the recruiting process?

Yes, we do hold information sessions to explain our recruiting process.  To find out about our upcoming information sessions please follow our social media pages for updates:

If I live outside of the Lower Mainland will I have to pay my own travel and accommodation expenses in order to participate in the WVPD recruitment selection process?

Applicants are responsible for all their travel and accommodation costs during the process.  When we can, we will make efforts to facilitate multiple stages of the process on the same day(s).

Can I apply before getting the required first aid certificate and eye exam?

Only applicants who hold a valid first aid certificate and have had an eye exam in the past six months will be considered.

Can I apply right after having laser eye surgery?

We will only consider an applicant’s submission 3 months after they have had laser eye surgery.

Are prior intake exam scores results accepted if I have taken them with another police department?
  • Successful ETHOS intake exam scores will be accepted if written within the preceding 12 months.
  • Successful POPAT times will be accepted if achieved within the preceding 6 months.
What will happen if I fail the intake Exam (ETHOS)?

After a 6 month wait time you can reapply and take the exam again.

What will happen if I fail the POPAT?

We will provide you with some alternative POPAT venue options the candidate will have to book themselves.

Can I participate in a police ride-along?

Only when you reach the ride-along stage in the process.

How long does the hiring selection process take?

Generally this process takes 5 to 6 months to complete.

When do I start getting paid?

Upon your date of hire.

When do I have to pay my Police Academy tuition fee?

The Police Academy tuition fee is due in full on the first day you attend the Police Academy.

Will you accept an applicant’s current or prior policing experience?

In Country: Exempt/experienced officers who have served in the previous 3 years may be exempt from the ETHOS intake exam and the Police Academy.  However, you will be required to take the Canadian Exemption Challenge Exam, and pass the POPAT.

Out of Country: Out of Country policing experience is an asset however, it will not exempt a successful applicant from any stage of the recruit process including the Police Academy.