Our Mission

Excellence in response and investigation for a safe West Vancouver 

Our Values

  • Openness

We seek out people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives on our team and in our community; we know this drives smarter decisions, increased innovation, and lasting solutions. 

  • Service

Our people are energized by their connections with West Vancouver citizens and community partners and arrive every day inspired to exceed expectations and make a meaningful difference in the community. 

  • People

Our people are mission critical for a safe West Vancouver. Recognizing that all of us are committed to this purpose makes us one team and we lift each other up through positivity, confidence, and kindness. 

  • Integrity

Each of us takes ownership and consider the extent to which our individual actions serve West Vancouver citizens and maintain their trust. We model honesty, accountability, respect, and compassion. 


Our Commitments

As a police service we:

  • Live our values.
  • Achieve excellence in policing, public service & partnership.
  • Seek out best practices to reduce crime, enhance safety & strengthen ties to the communities we serve.


As an organization we:

  • Cultivate respect, creativity & innovation.
  • Provide top quality training & equipment.
  • Prioritize development.
  • Are committed to the health & wellness of our employees.